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Canon PowerShot: Canon Cameras

Capture the moments you want to remember forever with a Canon® PowerShot from Office Depot®. Available in full-sized models and the pocket-sized ELPH, Canon® PowerShot can go where you do. Don't forget to snap up the Canon® PowerShot accessories you need to make the most of your camera – like rechargeable batteries, a camera case and a quick and easy Canon® photo printer.

More and more, people like you are switching to rechargeable batteries. The advantages far outweigh the modest extra cost:

  • Ease of use – you always know where your rechargeable batteries are because they're in your Canon® PowerShot ELPH so there's no having to search for them when you need them.
  • Value – in the long run, you'll spend more on disposable batteries for your Canon® PowerShot camera than you will on rechargeable batteries.
  • Power – Many high quality, brand name rechargeable batteries are just as powerful as or even more powerful than disposable batteries.

A Canon® PowerShot camera case can prolong the life of your Canon® PowerShot camera:

  • A good quality camera case can keep your Canon® PowerShot camera going strong. Storing a camera in a camera case protects it from dust and accidents, which can cause damage to the internal mechanisms and the outer case of the camera.
  • The small investment you make in a camera case can pay for itself quickly as it prolongs the life of your camera so you don't have to buy a new one for several years.
  • A camera case can help you keep your film and camera together, organizing the "picture taking experience."

A photo printer can enhance the experience:

  • Adding a Canon® photo printer to your "picture making package" helps you save time and money because you can make prints at home instead of heading to your local store for prints. The amount you spend on the printer will be well worth it because you won't have to pay each time you want pictures developed.
  • As opposed to "taking what you get" when you have pictures developed, you can decide which pictures to print with your photo printer.
  • Photo printers work like regular printers so they're easy to use.

Of course, at Office Depot®, we're all about giving our customers choices. So in addition to the Canon® PowerShot, you'll find fantastic cameras and accessories by a few other names you know, including Nikon®, Sony®, and Kodak®. Shop our complete selection to find the camera that's right for you.

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