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Compass: Digital Compasses & More

Whether it's for a drafting project or geometry class, at Office Depot®, you'll find the traditional and digital compasses you need to complete the task at hand. Our digital compasses offer the durability and reliability you need to complete projects big and small.

Which compass is right for you?

  • If you're a drafter, in the real estate industry or in a related field, a digital compass may be best for you. There are many brands and styles to choose from but the overall advantage has to be the professional approach to a digital compass as compared with a traditional compass. Digital compasses may have more advanced features and be a little more "high tech" in nature.
  • If the compass you're considering is for your children or you just need "something basic," you may consider a traditional compass. Usually a bit less expensive than a digital compass, the traditional version provides the "sense of direction" most of us thing of when we envision a compass.
  • For readability, ease of use and overall satisfaction, most people like you choose the digital variety over a traditional compass.

Places you never thought you would use a compass but if you have one, you will:

  • At a sporting event —to help you find your car in a huge, busy parking lot afterwards.
  • At the mall or shopping center —these days, malls and shopping centers are huge and their parking lots are winding, covered "car traps." You could really benefit from a nice compass to find your car after finding those bargains.
  • While on vacation —unfamiliar sites and sounds may be enticing, but if you track your course, you'll be much better equipped to find the hotel you're staying at or that "must see" site you've always wanted to find.

From the classic school compass with a safety point, to the thoroughly modern digital compass used by drafters, with our wide selection of compasses, you'll be able to find the tool you need to get the job done right every time.

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