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Cup Dispenser: Dixie Paper Cup Dispensers

Whether your break room is pretty or purely functional, you can cut time and increase convenience at the beverage station with an easy-access cup dispenser. From hot beverage cup dispensers to the classic Dixie® cup dispenser, at Office Depot, you'll find cup everything you need to create the perfect break room or kitchen.

Benefits of having a cup dispenser or a "Dixie® cup dispenser" in your kitchen or bathroom:

  • At home and at the office, work space is always at a premium and highly limited. And, as your company or your family grows, this challenge only gets more difficult. Maximizing the work space around you becomes more and more important as time goes by. To aide this challenge, consider installing a cup dispenser (perhaps the brand named Dixie® cup dispenser) underneath the unused spaces beneath your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, for example. Since this space isn't currently being utilized and since you're not taking up any additional space, it's a great way to maximize the space.
  • Organization is incredibly important at home and at work. A great way to show your family members, colleagues or managers of your commitment to organization is by having things put in their place. Paper cup dispensers including Dixie® cup dispensers are just one of the ways you can prove your commitment to staying organized.
  • Cup dispensers keep your cups dry. Without a dispenser, most of us just place paper cups on the kitchen counter or next to the sink in the bathroom. The problem with this is that they get wet from the splashing that takes place when you're preparing food or washing your hands and a cup dispenser solves this challenge.
  • Cup dispensers like Dixie® cup dispensers can actually help you save on water and dish soap and especially on time and money. When you think about all the cups you use for drinking and then factor in all the water and soap needed to wash those cups, plus the time it takes to wash them and the money it takes to pay for water usage and soap, it make a lot of sense to install a cup dispenser.

While you're shopping for your break room, don't forget to pick up a pack of paper cup dispenser refills for your Dixie® cup dispenser and a few office-sized snacks to keep your staff fueled up throughout the day.

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