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DVD Recorders & DVD Players

Take nights, weekends and any other free time you can get off and watch one of your favorite movies on a new DVD player or DVD recorder from Office Depot®.

If you're looking for a new DVD player, consider a DVD recorder/VCR combination device. These DVD recorders not only act as DVD players, but also make it possible to copy VHS tapes to DVDs and vise versa. You would be surprised at how many events people are transferring from VHS to DVD. They include the following:

  • Weddings: Reminisce and enjoy one of the most important moments of your entire life on your new DVD recorder or DVD player from Office Depot®.
  • Parties: Recapture the fun and zany things you, your friends and family members did during of the best parties ever on the quality DVD recorder or DVD player of your choice.
  • Graduations: Relive the moments that changed your life or the lives of your friends and family by looking back at the day you all graduated from middle school, high school or college on the DVD recorder or DVD player that does the event justice.
  • Vacations: Remember all the fun times and events that took place during the vacations you, your friends and family took together. Transfer these moments from VHS to DVD with a DVD recorder and improve the quality for lasting memories.
  • Homemade videos: Many people just like you are creating "Internet friendly" videos for uploading onto sites on the web. Some of these videos were created long ago and are just now considered "newsworthy" enough by the creators to be shared with the masses. Taking these videos form VHS to DVD via a DVD recorder and then uploading them onto sites on the web is a great way to share these exciting times with others.

DVD players and DVD recorders are perfect for current TV programming. Here are some of the ways people like you are using DVD players today:

Reality TV: If you're like most people, you watch at least two "reality" shows on TV regularly. And, also like most people, you're incredibly busy. In fact, without a DVD player or DVD recorder, many of us would be "lost" and would have to miss these shows because of a packed work and social calendar that takes priority. And, though new technology has come into the mix to record these programs, the majority of television watchers still count on the reliability of a good quality DVD player or DVD recorder to do the trick.

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