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Eye Wash: Eye Wash Solution

First-aid kits should be organized and always stocked with the things you need to treat minor cuts & burns, headaches, and dry or irritated eyes. Some necessities any first-aid kit should include are: Eye wash, a variety of bandages, scissors, general pain medication and antiseptic wipes. In addition, it's a good idea to keep on-hand a manual that outlines medical procedures like CPR and techniques to stop bleeding.

Many businesses are ideal for eye wash solution:

  • Manufacturing plants and related organizations can benefit from eye wash, especially if your business produces toxic or dangerous products/services.
  • The retail sector can benefit from eye wash. Even the vents in your building can blow dust and other airborne particles into the eyes of your customers, not to mention parents shopping with children who seemingly put everything and anything they find on the floor in their nose and mouth and even eyes. These situations are more common than you think and making the inexpensive investment in eye wash could be the solution you need at the exact moment your business needs it.
  • Other businesses can also benefit from eye wash. Unexpected accidents occur in business every day. As the old saying goes, "it's better to be safe than sorry" and eye wash certainly fits into that category.

Eye wash at home:

  • Especially if you have children at home, eye wash solution is a necessity. Your kids and their friends have and will have accidents when you least expect them to happen. Protect their eyes with the wash you need to get rid of poisonous and painful substance children put in and accidentally get into their eyes.
  • In addition to the eyes, eye wash solutions is also safe for use in emergency situations involving cuts, scrapes and other skin irritations but always check the label or consult your doctor for usage instructions.

Once you have your first-aid kit in place, be sure to check your inventory regularly. Not only will help you keep your perishables, like eye wash solution, in check, but it will also show you what types of things you need to stock more of.

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