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Frames: Picture Frames, Photo Frames, Poster Frames & More

Whether they're captured on celluloid or contained on a memory card, you can keep your special moments close at hand with picture frames, photo frames and poster frames from Office Depot. In sleek, contemporary black, rich, classic wood or cosmopolitan, colorful plastic, our picture frames, photo frames and poster frames will work with any décor. Just slip a photo of your special someone into one of our picture frames, photo frames or poster frames and place it on your desk – or load your digital photos into one of our digital frames and enjoy a host of your favorite shots. To inspire you toward bigger and better things, pick up a poster frame and let your favorite image drive your creativity even further.

New technology in photo making has lead to an increase in the relevance of larger prints and their impact on the business world. Here are some results that can be achieved through the use of poster frames:

  • Poster frames with actions shots donning the walls of your office can inspire you, your teammates —even the boss. Writing inspirational captions at the bottom add to a "go for it" attitude and can inspire the team to do better.
  • Poster frames with casual shots add a personal element to the walls in your office. Imagine if everyone on your floor or in your building followed suit. People would get to know who you are, what your interests are and a little more about your life and family. This can add real chemistry to the entire organization —maybe even increase sales, revenue and the bottom line.
  • Poster frames containing shots of your favorite hobbies including your pets, the car you gave a human name to or the sculpture you made in pottery class further aides in the ability of your teammates to get to know "the real you" and can improve the efficiency and chemistry of your team. Hopefully, other teams within the organization will follow and the entire company will be better for it.
  • Poster frames are also highly effective when used as visual aides in presentations. Imagine the impact of a "leave behind" of this size after your team leaves the pitch room.

Whatever the size, frames (whether they be picture frames, photo frames or poster frames) strategically in your office can have a tremendous impact on the bottom line. And, Office Depot® has every size, color and style you can imagine. Find them today.

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