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Index Cards: Colored Index Cards and File Boxes

From storing your favorite recipes and creating flash cards, to keeping your clients' phone numbers organized – index cards and index card boxes can be extremely useful tools at home and at the office. At Office Depot, you'll find index card file boxes to help you get organized, colored index cards to add a little spice to your studying, and many other paper-related products.

Uses of index cards at the office:

  • To enhance your memory: Just as in those flash card memory games when you were little, you can use index cards to heighten your memory capacity. Writing glossary terms on them and flipping through them in a repetitive manner really helps.
  • As reminders: Similar to sticky notepads, many people learn better by writing things down and by writing on flash cards and then posting them somewhere you will remember, you can reinforce an appointment or assignment that's worth more to you than just listing it on your computer calendar.
  • As page markers in large books or publications: Many people find that flag stickers are effective if the presentation or book is smaller and that flash cards make better page markers if the book or report is thick or long.

Organizing your index cards into an index card box to heighten efficiency:

  • A great way to organize your index cards is with an index card file box is by using colored index cards in between major topics or sections.
  • In general, an index card box not only gets the index cards off your desk, it allows you to organize them alphabetically, numerically or however you want.
  • Your index card box lets teammates and supervisors know you're organized and inspire others to become organized themselves.

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