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LCD TV's: LCD Flat Panel TV

Kick your old TV to the curb and start watching the movies and TV shows you love in crystal-clear color and HD quality. With so many great TV shows and movies out there, you'll want a home entertainment system that's as modern as you are. And what better way to start than with an LCD TV from Office Depot®?

Advantages of an LCD TV:

  • An LCD TV is the epitome of clarity. The picture quality is arguably second to none. Watching HD programs on an LCD is literally like being right there where the action is happening.
  • An LCD flat panel TV is much smaller and more compact in relation to TVs of just a few years ago, yet the size of the picture is generally much larger. Depending on the manufacturer, screen sizes can reach up to 65" or larger.
  • An LCD flat panel TV can be wall mounted. This increases your living space inside your office or home and places "changeable artwork" on your wall. Every program you watch, even if its work related, creates something visually stimulating to watch.
  • The sound quality of an LCD TV including an LCD flat panel TV is much better than that of traditional TVs as manufacturers have paid much closer to sound quality in the last few years than in years past.
  • On average, LCD TVs can last longer than plasma TVs. You can get up to 10+ years of good use out of an LCD TV whereas with a plasma set, you're lucky to get 5-7 years of use before the need to repair the set.
  • LCD, which stands for Liquid Crystal Display is arguably better than rear projection TVs as LCD does not use mirrors in the same way that rear projection sets do, which means you don't have to worry about the mirrors attracting dust, effecting the picture quality.

Forget that old, worn out TV and check out our selection of new LCD flat panel TVs that'll bring your home entertainment system up to date. We have top brand LCD flat panel TVs from Magnavox®, Sylvania®, Sharp® and more. Shop by brand, screen size or price and find the LCD TV that's right for you.

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