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Players: Portable Digital MP3 Players

From your office chair to the treadmill at the gym, music can make any task more fun. So treat yourself to the ultimate musical companion – new MP3 player you can use anywhere. Stocked with all your favorite tunes, our Zune® MP3 players and iPod accessories can give you the music products you need to rock out or wind down any time, day or night.

Many of the daily and quite ordinary activities you do can be enhanced through the power of music provided for you personally through a Zune® MP3 player, including the following:

  • Working at your desk: You won't miss your colleagues nearly as much when you're finishing up your reports, presentations and other word processing responsibilities on your computer while listening to your favorite songs on your MP3 player.
  • Preparing dinner: For many people just like you, getting a meal is merely a daily chore. Listening to music on an MP3 player is a great way to pass the time before you pass the butter, salt & pepper.
  • Doing laundry: You'll forget about how much laundry you have to wash, dry, fold and put away when you're listening to your favorite band on your MP3.
  • Mowing your lawn or doing yard work: All those things on your weekend "to do" list just got easier and seemingly shorter. Nothing passes the time like music from a Zune® MP3 player.
  • Washing your car: This is a necessary chore, especially after a long rain or nasty storm but it can seem like a short, easy job if you've got the right music. Rather than leave the windows open so you can hear your car radio and get your interior all wet, why not strap on your MP3 player and finish the job right?

If you're searching for the perfect present for someone special, don't underestimate the gift of music! Whether it's a Zune® MP3 player or a SanDisk® Video MP3 player, you can give them the technology they want without breaking the bank.

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