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Paper Towel Dispenser: Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers

Whether you need to organize your kitchen, your office or your classroom, an automatic paper towel dispenser is not only pleasing to the eye than a roll of paper towels resting on a counter, but it's also more functional. That because rather than the paper towel roll rolling on, with a towel dispenser you can get the towel you need with just a quick grab and the flick of the wrist. What a paper towel dispenser does for your home or office:

  • Work space, whether it is at home or at the office, is always limited. And, as your organization or your family grows, this challenge only gets more daunting. So maximizing the work space around you becomes increasingly important as time goes on. To help you with this challenge, consider installing a paper towel dispenser underneath the unused spaces beneath your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Since you weren't using this space before and since you're not taking up any additional space you need for something else, it's a great way to maximize the space.
  • Organization is a key at home and at work. A great way to show your colleagues, supervisors or your family how committed you are by having things put away in their places. Paper towel holders and dispensers are just one of the ways you can prove your commitment to staying organized.
  • Paper towel dispensers keep your paper towels dry. Without a dispenser, most of us just place paper towels next to the kitchen or bathroom sink. The problem with this is that they get wet from the splashing that occurs when you're washing dishes or your hands and a paper towel dispenser solves this frustrating reality.

Browse our break room and janitorial paper goods to find the perfect paper towel dispenser and/or paper towel dispensers for your workspace. Rather than leaving your paper towels sit around and get exposed to dirt, water and more, paper towel dispensers can keep them clean and ready to go.

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