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Pencil Sharpeners: Electric Pencil Sharpeners

Keep an electric pencil sharpener at your desk and you'll always have perfectly sharpened pencils when and where you need them most. At Office Depot, we have electric pencil sharpeners that stand vertically for optimal organization, as well as a variety of colored electric sharpeners to add a little fun to your desk. Shop our complete collection to find an electric sharpener that suits both your desk and your personality.

The advantages of an electric pencil sharpener and/or electric pencil sharpeners at home and at work:

  • Many people including architects, drafters, writers and others still prefer to use a pencil over a pen. This is primarily because pencils make it easier to erase mistakes. When you work in a medium or large sized office, this can mean having to sharpen several pencils on a regular basis. Investing in a quality, durable and affordable electric pencil sharpener will make this task quicker and easier.
  • Pencil lead can wear quickly. Because of this, even if you work in an office with just a few people, it's good to have an electric pencil sharpener on hand.
  • The thickness of the pencil lead can affect the way a document looks. If you write something with a dull lead, the lines will be thicker than if you write it with a sharpened pencil. For consistency, keep the lead sharpened often—and make it easier with an electric sharpener.
  • Besides regular pencils, many offices have the need to use colored pencils for graphs, sketches, drawings and other projects. Keep in mind, these all have to be sharpened just like a regular pencil does and the job is much easier with an electric sharpener.

For added style and functionality, don't forget to pick up a pencil cup and colorful pencils to keep the sharpened pencils you need organized and close at hand.

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