Pens: Promotional Pens & More

Discover your signature style with pens, promotional pens, other fine writing instruments and pencil sharpeners from Office Depot®. Montblanc® pens, Cross®, Swiss Army® – we not only have the brands you trust, but the promotional pens and accessories you need to promote your business to your customers.

Choosing a pen isn't rocket science but there are a few factors to think about before you buy a pen, promotional pen or Montblanc® pen:

  • What do you need the pen for? Is it just for taking notes at your next company meeting or do you need something that writes smoothly like a Montblanc® pen for presentation purposes?
  • Are you looking for a distinct look like the styles you get from a high quality Montblanc® pen or do you simply need to write something down?
  • Do you prefer a thick pen, a thin pen or a promotional pen? This is especially important for those of us who need to write for several hours at a time—you want to be as comfortable as possible.
  • What color of ink do you want and need? For a holiday party, red ink from a promotional pen may be the most appropriate. A handwritten messages to a colleague, relative or friend my call for blue ink and a business presentation may require black ink.
  • Is this pen for a child or an adult? Some pens have a whimsical theme to them and are great for kids but when you're at work, you want something that looks more professional.
  • How long do you want the pen to last? Not all pens last the exact same length of time. Many quality pens may cost a bit more but may last twice as long, which makes the investment worthwhile.

In addition to our collection of designer and promotional pens including Montblanc® pens, Office Depot® also carries the everyday pens and pencil sharpeners you need to take care of business at home and at the office. From ballpoint and felt-tip pens, to our wide selection of crayons and art pencils, at you'll find the writing implements you want at prices you'll love.