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Recycling Bins: Home Recycling Storage Bins

Doing your part for the environment requires the right tools. Luckily, at Office Depot, we have the recycling bins you need to go green with ease. With our selection of at-home recycling bins as well as recycling storage bins designed for the office, you can reduce, reuse and recycle no matter where you are.

Recycling bins and recycling in general benefits your home and office in many ways:

  • Placing a recycling bin in your break room or kitchen proves your commitment to "going green" to your family at home or your colleagues at work. This not only helps the environment, it can also boost the morale within your organization—everyone wants to work for a company that cares about the environment.
  • Getting your family members or colleagues in the conservation mode by installing a recycling bin helps them to take a look at the other areas in which they may be wasteful. For example, implementing a recycling program may make someone you know more aware of how much paper they're wasting, how often they leave the faucet running when they could just as easily turn it off, etc.
  • At home and in business, materials = money. So, to add to the environmental benefits of a recycling program via recycling bins, there's the benefit to the bottom line. The less wasteful you and your family and colleagues are, the more money you save on supplies, water and many other common household or office materials.
  • "Going green" and implementing a strong recycling program starts with bin recycling via recycling bins and sends a strong message to your current and potential clients and guests at home. When others are inspired by your efforts, they're more likely to want to work with you and respect you.

If you want to do more than install a recycling bin at your home or office, you can check out our complete line of recycled office supplies. From paper products to remanufactured ink cartridges, energy-efficient light bulbs to binders, with Office Depot, you can "buy green" and maybe even save money.

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