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Safes: Fire Safes, Security Safes

Protect your company's valuable files and petty cash fund or keep your deeds and insurance documents at home and out of sight with a safe from Office Depot®. With our selection of safe boxes, you can protect your most important items and get greater peace of mind. From fireproof safe boxes to chests designed to hold vulnerable computer media, you'll discover just what you need to protect your most valuable items.

Do you need a safe or a safe box?

  • Safes and safe boxes aren't just a thing in the past. As a matter of fact, safes are making a big comeback. If you have items at work or at home that you can't store on a computer and back up with discs and on your hard drive, you need a safe.
  • Most safes you find at Office Depot® are not only strong and durable, but also provide peace of mind—even in a situation where a fire has devastated virtually everything else around it.
  • Many people just like you are purchasing a safe box for work and a safe for home use. The reason for this is the concept of "balancing work and family life." Most people like you want to keep business at work and keep personal life at home.

Still not quite sure what to put in your safe or safe box? Here are some of the most common items at work and at home that people like to "safeguard" by placing them in "fireproof safe boxes."

  • Legal documents.
  • Documents relating to the purchase of a business, home or car.
  • Insurance policies and related information.
  • Heirlooms.
  • Personal items of value.
  • Collectibles—yes, even collectibles are "safe worthy."

At Office Depot®, we understand the importance of keeping valuable information and materials safe. And, we know that there are some things you just can't replace. So shop our selection of safe boxes to find the safe you need at home and at the office.

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