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Space Heaters: Electric Space Heaters

Portable heaters make it possible for you to create a comfortable space no matter where you are! Warm up your chilly office, that cold spot in your home that never seems to be warm enough or keep guests comfortable during an outdoor party – it's all possible with a space heater from Office Depot.

Advantages of a space heater in the workplace:

  • When you're at work, you've probably noticed that when you're cold, another person is too warm. For this reason, space heaters are necessary in the office. This way, the person who's continually cold can warm up.
  • Space heaters are great for warming up certain areas within the company. Perhaps there are certain materials, plants or supplies that need to be kept at a warmer temperature than their surroundings?
  • Certain parts of your body may feel colder than others. In this case, a space heater may be the solution. They work great on cold feet, for example.

Electric Space heaters at home:

  • Children and the elderly, for example, may feel colder than the rest of us. They can benefit tremendously from an electric space heater.
  • Certain types of pets including Iguanas, for example, must be kept at a higher temperature and can greatly benefit from electric space heaters.
  • Heat acts as a drying agent and will aide in the drying of a freshly painted room, for example. This is another way a space heater provides value to your household.

Portable heater safety:

  • Electric space heaters are very safe to use for your home or office, provided you follow a few very basic safety rules: First, you should always consult the manual for the complete list of safety precautions before using a space heater or portable heater.
  • Portable heaters should always be turned off and/or unplugged when you're not using them.
  • You should never put anything that can burn or melt too close to your space heater or portable heater.

Shop our complete range ofspace heaters – from under-the-desk-size electric space heaters to portable heaters for the largest of rooms. At Office Depot, you'll find the space heater you need from brands you can trust.

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