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Stickers: Flag Stickers & More

Office Depot® has everything you need to keep your office and your paperwork organized. With our selection of flag stickers you can color code your projects, flag certain areas of documents to work on later or pinpoint the page (and location) that needs your signature. You'll even find extra-large stickers you can use to write notes on or snap up some sticker notes (created from recycled materials.)

The underestimated uses flag stickers:

  • Flag stickers may seem like a simple solution, and they are, but their importance may be underrated by many people—maybe even yourself. How many times have you had to sift through a huge document, only to pass by the page that needed your attention or signature? With a flag sticker, you could have gone directly to that page and saved yourself time and energy.
  • Another advantage of flag stickers is to signify the various chapters of a presentation. Imagine walking clients through a fairly lengthy written document, such as a real estate contract or legal documents. By color-coding the document, you can direct your clients much more easily. An example of the conversation may be something like this: "If you refer to the red tab, you'll see the numbers I'm referring to, and if you refer to the green tab, you'll see the graph that corresponds to the numbers..."
  • A third advantage of flag stickers is the perception they leave the audience. Imagine what your audience is thinking when they see how organized your written presentation is. Believe it or not, this can actually sway their thought process and point them toward taking the action(s) necessary to close a deal or do what you need them to do to achieve your goals.

The multiple uses of other stickers:

  • Extra large stickers and sticker notes are great ways to remind you of a project's due date, your child's soccer game, etc. Sometimes writing something down and "sticking it right in front of you" is the best way to trigger your memory before it's too late.
  • At work and at home, stickers are and underrated, valuable and easily affordable tools of communication. They can be used to communicate with your colleagues, family members and friends.

Shop our complete collection of flag stickers and notes to find the stickers you need to take care of your family while you take care of business. Office Depot's flag stickers and other stickers are truly the solution you'll need to get the job done right.

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