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Time Cards: Time Card Machines, Racks and Holders

Take care of business with time cards from Office Depot. You'll discover modern time card machines that make it possible for your employees to "clock in" from their work stations. Or if you're seeking a more traditional route, check out Office Depot's time card (or time cards) racks and time card holders to organize your paper-based time card system.

Why traditional paper-based time card systems are still relevant in today's high tech business world:

  • Time cards have a psychological advantage over your staff. Having to punch in makes your teammates watch more closely the time they spend coming to work, going to and coming back from lunch and punching out for the evening.
  • Time cards and time card systems are still a great way to keep track of your personnel. Knowing when your employees punch in and out makes it easy to identify those who aren't working the hours they should be working—and reward those who are.
  • Time card machines remind all of us of how business used to be—people like you were even more hard working several years ago than they are in today's business world. This back to basics way of doing business can instill a sense of traditional pride in your workers and keep the focus on quality production and other fine business processes.
  • Tracking the time you, your colleagues and even your supervisors spend at work is also important because it reminds all of us how many hours per week, month and year we spend at work and that all those hours need to mean something to us in order to feel productive as an individual.

Though there are several more high tech means of tracking work time today, the traditional time card systems with their corresponding time cards are still a valid option—even for some of the most technical, modern businesses.

Whether your employees work from computers or on your store's floor, our time cards make tracking employee time easier and more convenient than ever.

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