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Transcribers: Digital Dictation Transcriber Machines and Microcassettes

Microcassette transcribers and digital transcriber machines make it possible to create more detailed notes and record virtually anything. Order a dictation transcriber and capture all the audio information you need. You can play it back at a later date for others or use it to refresh your memory.

Why your business needs a microcassette or digital transcriber/transcribers:

  • Quite popular in business today is the use of a transcriber to capture important client or internal meetings. This is particularly helpful when you're attending long lectures filled with critical information you need to refer back to at a later date.
  • Taking notes by hand may be effective, but after several pages, you get really tired and you notice that your attention span isn't what it was when you started so you may not capture all the important points that are being relayed. Recording the lecture affords you a permanent record of the experience.
  • Be sure to take a few extra audio microcassette tapes with you. Sometimes lectures can go longer than expected, especially if people have a lot of questions about the content being discussed.

Microcassette transcribers and digital transcribers aren't just for the office. There are many uses for them at home, as well:

  • For dictation when you're watching a program relaying fishing techniques or other sports information you want to remember, use a microcassette transcriber.
  • For your kids who can take your microcassette transcriber or digital transcriber to school for important homework assignments and class discussions they need to refer back to.
  • For HOA meetings and other important happenings in the neighborhood.

A microcassette or digital transcriber has tens of uses, both at home and at work. This is especially true if you have a very hectic schedule and if you're balancing work and family on a weekly if not daily basis. Transcribers can help get you organized, improve your memory skills and enable you to remember the critical things you need to get done each day.

Shop our collection of dictation devices including digital transcribers and find everything from high-tech, voice-activated digital dictation transcribers to transcriber batteries for the machine you rely on every day. At Office Depot, we make it easy to take care of business – no matter what your business is.

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