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Trash Bags: Clear Plastic Trash Bags

Trash bags are a necessity to keep any office environment or home clean and organized. And with our selection, Office Depot® is making it possible to keep every nook and cranny tidy. From kitchen-sized trash bags to plastic trash bags perfectly sized for the bin at your desk, bio-hazard trash bags to clear trash bags you might use to store promotional items in – whatever your need, our collection of trash bag products will give you the tools you need to keep your office looking great.

Alternative uses for trash bags at home and at the office:

  • Use a trash bag underneath a live plant to catch extra dirt and water spillage.
  • Trash bags are great for putting over your shoes when it's raining outside. Slide an appropriate sized bag over your shoe for water protection—then just take it off and recycle it when you get to work or home.
  • Nobody likes to get their hair wet—use a trash bag to briefly cover yourself up when your jogging through the rain to and from the parking lot at work or when picking up your kids from school.
  • In the classroom, children can make interesting pictures by using masking tape and black trash bags. The trash bag acts as a canvass and the tape acts as the paint.
  • Place large cleaning supplies like bleach and vinegar in a trash bag before you put them back underneath the sink and tie it tightly. You never know when they may drip or spill.
  • At work and at home, use cut up trash bags to line older cabinets you need to put food items in. They may keep you from germs and dirt that can make you sick.

There are literally thousands of uses for trash bags at work and at home. At Office Depot®, we know how important cleanliness is and you can clean up right now by shopping with us to get the trash bags and other necessities you need to keep your home and office clean and tidy.

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