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Typewriters: Electric Typewriter, Ribbons and other Supplies

Though often thought of as antiques, electronic typewriters and their corresponding typewriter ribbons are still used in offices throughout the country. From filling out forms to writing letters, the humble typewriter and their corresponding typewriter ribbons are truly the workhorses of the office. Plus, with the advancements made in electric typewriters and typewriter ribbons, including LCD displays, automatic correction systems and the technology to type in a different language, an electric typewriter and its corresponding typewriter ribbons might be just the things you need to get the job done.

The biggest advantages of the modern-day electronic typewriter and new typewriter ribbons:

  • Typewriters these days are much more advanced and useful than ever before. LCD displays shown clearly in the window of the typewriter show you exactly what you've typed so that you no longer have to look at your paper to see what's on it. Typewriters today also have automatic correction systems, which make errors a thing of the past. Plus, typewriters have an era of personalization to them. Imagine sending a VIP a typewritten letter—when's the last time they've received one of those?
  • One of the biggest advantages of the modern day typewriter is the ability to write in several different languages. Unless your computer has specialized software or a program installed that you've actually learned how to use, it cannot even match this capability. This may be especially important for writing letters to clients overseas, especially personalized notes that show you care and that they're important to you.

What modern day typewriters and typewriter ribbons can do for your computer system?

  • The typewriters of today are almost like computers in that they serve as back-up systems. For one reason or another, each of us has most likely experienced a computer failure several times at work or at home. Using the typewriter as a "safety net" will allow you to continue reports, letters and other important documents during these times.
  • The typewriter is "an extra player" on your team. Though this technology was originally developed years ago, several improvements have made them easier to use, faster, more efficient and more relevant today than ever before.

Even if you're not a fan, every office should have at least one electric typewriter – if for no other reason than as a backup in case your computer system goes down. So shop our selection and find the right machine – and the typewriter ribbons you need to go with it.

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