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Vacuum Cleaner: Upright Light Weight Vacuum Cleaners

Keep your floors looking crisp, clean and beautiful with a vacuum cleaner from Office Depot. With a range of upright vacuum cleaners and hand-held models to choose from, you can clean up life's little messes with ease. Browse our selection of lightweight vacuum cleaners, cordless vacuum cleaners and upright vacuum cleaner accessories and get your floors in guest-worthy or client-ready shape.

Upright vacuum cleaners vs. canister models:

  • Most people prefer upright vacuums at the office because, as opposed to canister models, you don't have to drag the canister behind you as you clean your office floors.
  • Some upright vacuums work better than many canister vacuums, especially on carpet floors.

Should you choose vacuums with bags or a bagless vacuum?

  • Many environmentally friendly people choose bagless vacuum cleaners because they don't want to add yet anther bag full of dirt to the landfill. This is considered "going green" when it comes to vacuum cleaners.
  • Some people prefer a traditional upright vacuum cleaner with a bag. These vacuums don't have to be emptied out after nearly each use the way a bagless vacuum does so may be able to save time.
  • If you're the type of person who likes to see the effort you're putting in immediately, you may prefer the bagless vacuum option. The clear containers in these vacuums make it easy to see the amount of dirt you're sucking up and how clean you're getting the floor.

The advantages of a HEPA filter:

  • In the past few years, manufacturers have developed vacuums with lots of new features to improve the emissions of the vacuum. One of those developments was the invention of the HEPA filter. These filters are great for trapping allergens and for helping to keep the air cleaner when you vacuum.
  • Most vacuums produced in the past several years include a HEPA filter.

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