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Wall Calendars: Wall Planners and Wall Calendar Refills

Organize your entire month on a classic wall planner including wall calendar refills or add a little spice to your workspace with a fun or artsy wall calendar. Whatever your style or needs, at Office Depot®, you'll find them all. Just sort our wall calendars and wall planners, as well as wall calendar refills by type, price, or brand and you'll find a wide selection of wall planners and calendars to help keep you organized all year long.

Why wall calendars, wall planners and wall calendar refills help keep you organized:

  • Many people just like you benefit from writing things down rather than simply relying on their computerized calendar or their memory. Wall calendars are a great solution. They keep dates, events and assignments "top of mind" and right in front of you on your office wall so you never miss and important activity again.
  • Artsy wall calendars (the ones with photos) are a great way to stay organized and add a little flair to the walls of your home or office. And, because of their size, wall calendars take up those spaces you've been clueless until now to fill on your wall.

The need for wall calendar refills:

  • Much like cars, people just like you get attached to calendars, especially if they have photos that spark fond memories of vacations they want to take or hobbies they enjoy. In this case, you can purchase a wall calendar that allows you to refill it when you've completed the year. That way, the calendar stays with you through the next year and can save you money over the purchase of a new wall calendar.
  • Let's face it, mistakes are bound to happen. With a wall calendar refill kit, you can simply change out a given month when needed or override the month with another copy so that you have more room to write what's needed for that time period. This is another reason why wall calendars benefit from wall calendar refills.

Once you've found the perfect calendar or wall planner, don't forget to pick up some wall calendar refills, so you don't go one day without the organizational tools you need.

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