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Wall Maps: World and United States Laminated Wall Maps

See the world like never before with wall maps from Office Depot. Whether it's at the office, classroom or at home, world wall maps and United States wall maps can add a little color and education to your surroundings.

What wall maps do for your office?

  • They hint at intelligence: When your customers, colleagues and supervisors see wall maps on the walls of your office, you're telling them that you're "worldly" and "well traveled" which is a strong hint to them that you're an intelligent professional worth their efforts.
  • They help you, your staff and the management team locates all the difficult places on a map so they can visualize what countries and bodies of water surround the location.
  • They make your company seem bigger than it really is: This is especially true of small organizations. For some reason, many people assume you have locations all around the world when you display a world wall map. Since people find comfort in working with "worldly" companies, this may instill confidence inside and outside of your organization.
  • They take up undesirable space: Many companies have bare walls that are unimaginative, uninspiring and downright boring. Wall maps provide an educational and colorful solution to this challenge.

Wall maps at home:

  • At home in your den or library, wall maps provide instant information about the countries of the world, the seas that surround them, land mass, distances between points and more. Additionally, wall maps are much easier to read than traditional globes, which you continually have to spin in one direction and then back again to locate points of interest.
  • If you have children, wall maps can be one of the most educational things you could ever display in your home.

Browse our selection of world wall maps, including beautiful laminated wall maps and an array of wall maps that are suitable for framing. Perfect for the world traveler or the executive ready for world domination, our wall maps make a fantastic addition to any room.