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Wireless Routers: Wireless Internet Routers & More

With wireless internet routers at your home and office, you can step away from your desk and still get your work done. Just hook up one of our wireless routers and take your laptop into the conference room, down the hall or anywhere you can still get a signal. Wireless routers and accessories make it easy for you to unchain yourself from your desk and work wherever you want and need to.

How you know if you need a wireless router or wireless internet routers?

  • You need a wireless router if you work in an environment where you need to get up from your desk and walk into meeting rooms with your laptop in hand.
  • Wireless internet routers are ideal for presentations because you usually don't participate in presentations at your desk but rather in a conference room or at a nearby office or adjoining building.
  • In general, you need a wireless router if you don't want to rely on traditional methods. You can't always be "tied" to your desk –who would?

Mobility makes the difference with wireless routers and wireless internet routers:

How much more work could you get done and how much easier would it be to "multitask" during your workday if you could be more mobile in your approach? The number of projects and assignments you can get done will multiply quickly with a wireless router. The old saying, "I'm tied to my desk" is just that—an old saying. Thanks to Office Depot® and quality manufacturers, your workday can go more smoothly than ever before—and you'll get more done in no time at all—with a wireless router.

Technology is an ever-advancing phenomenon. It makes our work and business lives easier, more productive and much simpler. Wireless routers aren't necessarily a "new" thing but their interest is still peaking. If you're looking for freedom in your work or personal life and you work on a laptop computer, shop our selection of wireless internet routers. Get the freedom you need to take care of business—on your own terms. Do it right now.

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