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Building a Small Home Office


building a small home office


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Posted July 8, 2015

Creating a home office is possible in any small space – a nook under your stairs, a shed, a closet or even a corner in your living room can be set aside for getting work done.  Whether you’re working from home or doing some casual online shopping, a designated work area can contribute to a productive household. So, how do you set up a home office if you have little room to spare?

This is where the collection of small office furniture and supplies from Office Depot comes to the rescue. Using a few pieces of compact furniture and clever storage solutions, you can turn a small area in any room of your home into an efficient home office. If you don’t have much need for a large work surface, a small writing desk will provide you with just enough space to comfortably surf the web, write checks and complete other day-to-day tasks. Use corner pieces that allow you to maximize wall space and items that perform double duty like coffee tables with concealed storage. With these great space-saving finds and a bit of creativity, you’ll have a solid foundation for building your small home office.


Space-Saving Desk Designs

A small office calls for a compact desk that won’t make the room feel cramped. Consider a triangular desk that fits snugly in an unused corner or a smaller rectangular desk that rests against the wall. 

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Building a Small Home Office

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Comfortably Compact Chairs

A good office chair is the key to comfort in a cramped office space. Choose a cushioned, compact stool if you are only in your office for short periods of time. For longer hours at your desk, find an ergonomic office chair with rollers so you can easily tuck it under your desk at the end of the day.

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Designate a Space

If your room is carpeted, then a vinyl chair mat is essential for easy movement.  Small rugs are also a great way to designate an area of your room as your personal workspace.

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Straight-up Storage Space

You may have limited floor space, but you can double your small office storage area by utilizing vertical space. Think floor-to-ceiling shelving units, vertical filing cabinets, hanging organizers and trendy box-shaped shelves. Hang shelves at your eye level when at your desk; this will help keep all of your supplies within arm’s reach.

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