Shell Education Leveled Texts, Grade 2



    Provide students at all skill levels with engaging readings with this collection of leveled texts. The included comprehension questions are also leveled for a variety of readers, so it's easy to get kids involved in classroom discussions and assignments.

    • Provides differentiated reading material at a variety of levels to accommodate students' needs. Every text includes versions for low-, on- and above-level readers, as well as for English language learners, to ensure that each child can work at his or her own pace.
    • Readings in language arts, mathematics, science and social studies provide engaging content. 5 texts in each subject area help stimulate young minds and reflect important classroom topics.
    • Leveled comprehension questions offer an appropriate challenge for a variety of students.
    • Attention-getting images, illustrations and diagrams promote greater comprehension and keep readers interested.
    • Meets Common Core standards for McREL, as well as TESOL/WIDA standards.
    • Ideal for students in grade 2.