Cascades® PRO Tandem™ Tabletop Napkin Dispensers, Gray, Pack Of 4



    Customers can easily grab a napkin out of this interfold dispenser thanks to its 1-at-a-time dispensing. The dispenser can be mounted on your wall or placed in a stand, and the see-through cover lets you know when more napkins need to be added.

    • Dispenses 1 napkin at a time to help reduce excess napkin consumption.
    • Translucent cover enables a clear view of how many napkins remain.
    • Plastic construction is strong and durable.
    • Holds up to 750 napkins to limit the number of refills needed throughout the day.
    • Wall-mountable design helps save space on your counter or table. Dispenser can also be placed in a stand to suit your spatial needs.
    • OnDisplay™ feature offers convenient marketing space for placing advertisements and announcements.