IOGEAR - External video adapter - USB-C 3.1 - DisplayPort



    USB-C to DisplayPort Adapter IOGEAR's new USB Type-C to DisplayPort adapter is the ideal hardware solution to convert a USB-C connection to a DisplayPort video output. This adapter gives you the ability to connect your USB-C based device like the Apple MacBook , Google Chromebook Pixel and the Nokia N1 Tablet to any DisplayPort based display, projector or HDTV. USB Type-C - The Next Break Through in Connectivity USB-C is the latest advancement in the consumer electronics industry for device connectivity. Supporting a universal connectivity standard, USB-C unites all of your core functions into one powerful port. Thanks to its versatile design, compact footprint and unparalleled performance, USB-C connections are featured on next generation ultra-portable devices like the Apple MacBook , Google Chromebook Pixel and Asus ZenPad tablets. 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) Video Resolution Support The GUC3CDP USB Type-C to DisplayPort adapter supports the DisplayPort 1.2 standard for UHD (Ultra HD) video playback, with resolutions of up to 3840x2160. The result is the highest level of visual fidelity currently available on the consumer market, giving you the ability to display 4K content from your USB-C equipped device on the latest UHD televisions, projectors and displays. IOGEAR's USB Type-C to DisplayPort adapter lets you take advantage of the versatility of your USB-C port on your portable device. USB-C has a reversible connector by design and allows for hassle-free operation by allowing you to simply connect your adapter, meaning that no matter how you plug it in, your adapter will always work. Easy to use, Plug-N-Play Design IOGEAR's USB Type-C to DisplayPort adapter is designed with simplicity in mind. By taking advantage of USB-C's compatibility with numerous device standards, including its ability to deliver power to connected devices, our adapter supports Plug-N-Play operation meaning that there are no cumbersome software/device drivers that need to be installed or external power supply to plug in to operate.
    • With USB port, enjoy the plug-and-play facility
    • Reversible feature for your convenience and ease of usage
    • Fully compatible with projectors
    • Offers intense audio and video compatibility