3M™ 3600 Eraser Burnish Pads, 20" Diameter, Pink, Box Of 5



    This burnishing pad is designed for use on high traffic areas and produces a brilliant wet-look in the gloss finish.

    • A floor maintenance burnishing pad made of high-quality synthetic fibers in a non-woven web construction.
    • Used for high speed burnishing on harder finishes and high traffic conditions.
    • Removes black marks and returns gloss in fewer passes than other pads while producing less dust and retaining excellent gloss and image clarity.
    • This product is used on corded electric, battery electric, or propane powered floor machines for burnishing of coated surface floor.
    • For use on finish-coated flooring such as sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, marble, terrazzo or concrete.
    • Exacting manufacturing standards deliver thickness uniformity from edge to edge and pad to pad, resulting in consistent performance without pad wobble or machine vibration.
    • Precise center-hole placement and roundness of the pads also contributes to the smooth operation which extends pad life and may help reduce operator fatigue.
    • Unique pad design and durable construction offers consistent performance and extended pad life.
    • Pads are reversible and will not be significantly affected by water, detergents, or cleaners normally used for floor maintenance.
    • Pads may be hosed out using a pressure spray nozzle to remove soil. Pads may be soaked in detergent solution to dissolve caked soil or finish prior to hosing out.
    • For use on ultra-high-speed floor machines operating at 1500 - 3000 rpm.