HP t310 G2 - Zero client - DTS - 1 Tera2321 - RAM 512 MB - flash 32 GB - MLC - Gigabit Ethernet, PCoIP - no OS - monitor: none - keyboard: US - Smart Buy



    • Easily connect to a VDI or cloud server. The HP t310 G2 Zero Client easily connects to VDI or cloud servers, including VMWare and Amazon Workspaces environments.
    • Simplified Management. Manage your Zero Client and keep it up-to-date with PCoIP Management Console. A one-year subscription to Desktop Access is included with the purchase of every new HP t310 Zero Client.
    • Enhanced ports and graphic options. Upgrade your graphics options with one 1 DVI port and one added DisplayPort , plus a total of 6 USB ports for all of your accessory add-ons.
    • New look and feel. The t310 G2 Zero Client has a new look and feel and now includes built in VESA mounting pattern.