Tripp Lite AVR Series 900VA Ultra-compact Line-Interactive 120V UPS with USB port



AVR Series Line-Interactive UPS System offers ultra-compact, line-interactive protection for PCs and workstations. System maintains 120 volt nominal output over an input range of 83 to 147 volts. Workstation-optimized features include USB port (HID-PDC compliant), single-line telephone/DSL surge suppression, space saving right-angle input plug, six battery/surge-protected outlets and six additional surge-only outlets (12 total). USB port (included cable) works with free unattended shutdown software. Housing is mountable.

  • UPS circuits prevent interruption or data loss during power failures
  • AVR power conditioning keeps operation during brownouts and overvoltages
  • Surge-only outlets offer protection for items not requiring battery support
  • AC and dataline surge suppression prevents connected equipment damage
  • Perfect for protecting desktop computers, network workstations and more
  • Helps save energy — designed to limit the energy used by other products, potentially helping you reduce your carbon footprint and save money.