Item #218100

Dowling Magnets Classroom Attractions Kit, Level 3

Item #218100


    Teaching kids about attraction, repulsion and other principles of magnetism is simple with this engaging kit. An assortment of items helps educators create experiments that give students hands-on experience.

    • Helps teach students about magnetism and other scientific concepts.
    • This exciting magnet kit provides you with the materials you need to implement or supplement a study of magnets in your classroom.
    • The easy-to-use educational guide is filled with suggestions for hands-on activities that will help you introduce your students to the wonderful world of magnets.
    • As students experiment with the materials and see how magnets work, they will discover what objects magnets attract, learn key terms, and see the influence of magnetic fields.
    • Materials Included in Kit 3: 5 Alnico bar magnets, 5 Alnico horseshoe magnets, 15 latch magnets, 10 disc magnets, 10 ceramic block magnets, 5 flexible magnet discs, 5 lodestones, 5 compasses, 5 corks, 5 sets of iron filings, 5 pieces magnetic viewing film, 5 nails, 5 wooden dowels, Demo Alnico bar magnet, and Teacher guide with activities.
    • For grades 4-6, ages 9-12
    Item #218100
    Manufacturer #DO-731303
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    kit contents5 Alnico Bars; 5 Alnico Horseshoe Magnets; 5 Compasses; 5 Corks; 5 Flexible Magnet Discs; 5 Lodestones; 5 Nails; 5 Pieces Of Magnetic Viewing Film; 5 Sets Of Iron Filings; 5 Wooden Dowels; 10 Ceramic Block Magnets; 10 Disc Magnets; 15 Latch Magnets; Demo Bar Magnet; Teacher'S Guide
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    brand nameDowling Magnets
    manufacturerDOWLING MAGNETS
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