Ready America® Cold Weather Survival Kit, 1 Person



Be prepared for cold and snowy weather emergencies with this survival kit from Ready America. The kit contains a shovel, blankets, food rations and emergency water as well as other items to help you during an emergency in cold conditions.

  • Help sign and reflective triangle alert others to your need for assistance and help keep you safe on the roadside.
  • Kit has drinking water and food rations in case of extended of emergencies.
  • Hand warmers, body warmers and survival and wool blankets provide warmth when the weather is cold.
  • 3-piece shovel ensures you're prepared to dig out the snow.
  • Other assorted emergency items, such as a 3-in-1 whistle/compass/thermometer, matches, duct tape, and tissues, are included to aid with survival.
  • Backpack keeps the emergency items secure and easy to locate.