Ricoh fi 800R - Document scanner - Dual CIS - Duplex - - 600 dpi x 600 dpi - up to 40 ppm (mono) / up to 40 ppm (color) - ADF (30 sheets) - up to 4500 scans per day - USB 3.2



  • Excellent image quality. The PaperStream IP driver software has been developed to enhance and optimize the quality of scanned images. It eliminates smudges, fingerprints and water marks for crystal-clear legibility. It also plays an essential role in post-scanning processes such as OCR (optical character recognition). Text can also be reversed to white characters on a black background, greatly enhancing legibility.
  • Robust design. Ricoh creates reliable products that let you concentrate on your work rather than your machine. The result of over 50 years' experience, the fi-800R embodies Ricoh's expertise in designing products that combine reliability and innovation.
  • Compact design. Twice as compact as alternative solutions, the fi-800R is perfect for receptions and other limited spaces. Its innovative return mechanism with automatic stacking technology ejects paper from the back of the scanner. This eliminates the need for a front output tray, and significantly reduces the space occupied by the machine. As a result, the fi-800R can be used in spaces half the size of an A4 sheet.
  • Ease of use. The fi-800R's reliable paper-feeding mechanisms mean you don't have to interrupt your work or keep your customers waiting. Automatic alignment correction straightens each document before scanning to avoid paper jams and incomplete images. Active separation technology adjusts the pressure applied to each sheet according to its thickness, ensuring much more precise separation. These two functions save you from having to rescan documents or damage them, clearly reinforcing your professional image.
  • Extended capacity. Advanced dual-channel scanning technology enables staff to complete all tasks from a single source. The second scanning channel processes thicker documents, such as ID cards and passports (including the scanning zone) in parallel with the first channel, which scans A4 documents - all on the same scanner. In addition to the obvious advantages (time savings, less effort, etc.), this means that customers never have to take their eyes off their documents. A plus for peace of mind, and perfect compliance with RGPD regulations.
  • Fast printing. No one likes to wait, especially on business trips or in hospitals. With 40 pages or 80 images per minute, the fi-800R's impressive scanning speed ensures smooth operation for greater customer satisfaction. What's more, thanks to the automatic document feeder and its 20-sheet capacity, there's no need to manually insert pages one after the other, boosting staff productivity all the more.
  • Software automation. Supplied with the scanner, PaperStream Capture software uses patch and bar codes to automatically name, sort and distribute scanned documents, as well as extracting data for indexing or other post-scanning processes. Captured data (such as passport scan zones) can be automatically fed into your existing systems and workflows, helping you to enrich customer profiles quickly and easily. Thanks to automatic profile selection, staff no longer have to waste time sorting documents by format for scanning. PaperStream Capture also automatically recognizes different document types and applies the corresponding scan profile to them, even when several types are scanned in a single batch.
  • Simplified scanning for ID documents and passports. The fi-800R simplifies and speeds up the copying of ID documents thanks to its practical scan-back function. ID cards up to 5 mm thick and passports are inserted and ejected at the front of the machine, without the need to use backing sheets or change the paper path.
  • Energy efficient — designed to use less energy than alternative products, potentially helping you save money and reduce your carbon footprint.