BIC Mechanical Pencils, Xtra Strong, 0.9 mm, Assorted Barrel Colors, Pack Of 24 Pencils



Keep your writing precise and tidy by using BIC Xtra-Strong Number 2 Mechanical Pencils With Erasers. The 0.9mm break-resistant lead is thick and durable, making this pack of high quality mechanical pencils a dependable choice for everyday writing activities. Each thick lead mechanical pencil in this set offers smooth, clear writing, and best of all — no sharpening is required. Plus, the lead advances quickly with a simple click of the eraser, so you’re always ready to keep writing. For neat penmanship, these number two pencils ensure smudge-free writing that erases cleanly. A contrasting clip allows for easy attachment to notebooks, pockets and more, and the vibrantly colorful barrels showcase an on-trend design that livens up writing sessions to complete the fashionable look. Exceptional lead resilience and longevity make these refillable mechanical pencils a great option when taking standardized tests and restocking your school or office supplies. by making the smart choice with BIC Xtra-Strong Mechanical Pencils.

  • These BIC mechanical pencils are great for a range of precision writing tasks.
  • Each pencil contains 3 full-length leads that provide the equivalent of 2 1/2 woodcase pencils.
  • Self-feeding design provides easy lead advancement.
  • Built-in clip offers easy attachment to a pocket or notebook.
  • One 24-count pack of BIC Xtra-Strong Mechanical Pencils With Erasers.
  • Thick lead mechanical pencil set offers dependable performance with break-resistant 0.9mm lead.
  • Mechanical pencil for writing with lead that advances quickly and erases easily for tidy writing and note-taking.
  • Colorful barrel design makes these cute mechanical pencils ideal for sharing.
  • The perfect number 2 mechanical pencils for school supplies.
  • Refillable — designed to be used repeatedly, helping you avoid single-use disposables and potentially save money.