Folgers® Black Silk Coffee Single-Serve Packs, Dark Roast, 1.4 Oz Per Bag, Carton Of 40



    Black Silk Coffee is just what fans of dark-roasted coffees are looking for in a coffee cup - bold yet exceptionally smooth. Interlocking AromaSeal lid makes sure you enjoy fresh-tasting coffee every time. Snap-tight lid helps seal in fresh taste and aroma. The inner seal peels away easily and eliminates the need for a can opener. Dark-roast, ground coffee is designed for use in coffeemakers.

    • Brew bold, rich hot beverages with this smooth, dark roast
    • Delivers a delicious taste and enticing aromas to the office
    • Caffeine and this flavor profile is the perfect fit in your busy mornings
    • Pre-ground beans for quick, easy prep
    • Comes in a resealable plastic canister to maintain freshness and allow convenient storage in an office pantry or breakroom cabinet