Avery® Permanent Durable ID Labels With TrueBlock® Technology, 61533, 2/3" x 1 3/4", White, Pack Of 3,000



    Identify property and display easy-to-read information with Avery durable ID labels featuring TrueBlock technology. Use for bin labels, barcode labels, asset tags and safety and warning labels. TrueBlock labels completely cover up what's underneath, so you can re-label items, shelves or containers without distracting marks showing through.

    • Super durable heavy-duty label material is waterproof and resistant to scuffing, tearing and smudging. Extra-strong adhesive ensures durable ID labels stay permanently attached.
    • Cover up label TrueBlock material completely covers everything underneath so you don’t have to remove old labels. Easy to re-label food jar labels or warning labels without any marks showing through.
    • Identification labels ideal for barcode labels safety labels bin labels food labels water bottle labels asset tags pallet racks containers and anything else that needs to be permanently labeled.
    • High quality, excellent print quality, and permanent adhesive material means heavy duty weather resistant labels will always look like new.
    • Easy to customize with free templates and designs using Avery Design & Print (avery.com/customize).
    • 8-1/2" x 11" sheets for laser printers.