Scotch® Tough Grip Moving Packing Tape With Dispensers, 1-7/8" x 22.2 Yd., Clear, Pack Of 6 Rolls



    For a fully packed moving day, heavy boxes that bust at the bottom are the enemy. Put weight in its place with Scotch® Tough Grip Moving Packaging Tape. It easily handles moving boxes with up to 80 pounds of weight inside, and is guaranteed to stay sealed. What makes Scotch® Tough Grip Moving Tape so tough is its unique and strong hot melt adhesive—when the box is closed, it stays closed. As tough as it is, it slides off the roll smoothly, quietly and easily—a nice touch for a hard day of packing and moving. When you’ve got to get a grip on a big, heavyweight moving job—get a grip on Scotch® Tough Grip Moving Packaging Tape.

    • Secures up to 80 lbs of weight per box.
    • Stays sealed during rough handling and rough rides in a moving truck.
    • Durable hot melt adhesive stays on, stays strong for tough jobs.
    • Clear to the core.
    • Includes refillable dispenser with fall-back tabs to ensure tape doesn’t fall back on the roll.
    • Guaranteed to Stay Sealed (If your box does not stay sealed, 3M will refund the purchase price of this tape. Proof of purchase required. Contact: 1-800-3MHELPS).
    • Clear when applied to boxes.
    • Adheres well and holds strong on all box types.
    • Hot melt adhesive seals securely and ensures you don’t need layers of tape.
    • Quiet and easy unwind to ease all-day packing.
    • Resists splintering, slivering, tearing.
    • Clear for label protection.
    • Includes 6 rolls of Scotch heavy-duty shipping tape with dispensers.