Vaseline® Intensive Care Essential Healing Unscented Lotion, 20.3 Oz



    Moisturize and heal dry skin with this unscented lotion. Specially formulated with pure oat extract, Stratys-3 multilayer moisture, vitamin E and minerals, the lotion delivers penetrating hydration to the deep layers of skin, so your skin looks healthy.

    • Moisturizes your skin deeply to help produce healthy-looking skin.
    • Helps keep dry skin healed for up to 3 weeks after 4 weeks of daily use.
    • Formulated with pure oat extract and Statys-3 multilayer moisture to hydrate at the top, core and deep-down layers while leaving a clean feeling behind.
    • Enriched with vitamin E and minerals.
    • Vaseline Jelly microdroplets help lock in moisture.