IBM Maintenance Agreement ServicePac On-Site Repair - Extended service agreement - parts and labor - 2 years - on-site - 24x7 - response time: 4 h - for Flex System Carrier-Grade Chassis 7385; Flex System Enterprise Chassis 8721



    Will your business-critical systems have the necessary support when the hardware warranty ends? When you rely on technology for your most critical operations, you need to feel confident that when problems occur they will be corrected promptly. Your business counts on it. And, you need a service provider who will stand by its hardware by providing the coverage you need, when you need it. IBM provides convenient post-warranty maintenance agreements (MA ServicePacs) to help extend the life of your equipment and verify it is functioning properly. With a MA ServicePac, you can continue maintenance services once the original base warranty, ServicePac warranty service upgrade or Maintenance Agreement has expired. Choose the level of response time that best supports your business, from depot repair up to a 2-hour response time for selected machines ... and many options in between.
    • 2 Year service duration to ensure maximum efficiency and precise results
    • Parts & Labor service characteristics for better usability and increased efficiency
    • Features repair service that helps you handle any mishaps
    • On-site service location for your convenience and ease of operation
    • Physical service sub type brings work stability and expertise to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency
    • Warranty offers a reliable, convenient problem-solving solution