Classic 2-Ply 0.63-mil Low-Density Trash Can Liners, 40 - 45 Gallons, 46" x 40", Black, Pack Of 250 Liners



    Set 1 of these can liners inside your garbage can to store daily waste. The liners are made of durable, stretchy materials to accept large amounts of trash without the risk of leakage or punctures.

    • Metallocene and LLDPE/LD resin combine to form a durable, medium-strength bag.
    • Designed to hold up to 45 gallons.
    • Easy tie for convenient closure.
    • Elasticity lets you fill it up without worrying about punctures.
    • Coreless roll allows simple dispensing.
    • Star seal at the bottom helps evenly distribute weight and prevent leakage.