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Cherry KC 6000 Slim Wired Keyboard For Mac, Silver/White



Enjoy a smooth typing experience from your computer with the Cherry KC 6000 Slim Wired Keyboard For Mac. This full-size keyboard includes a numeric keypad for frequent number entries, and the compact design leaves you plenty of space for a mouse and extra accessories.

  • Designed for use with all devices with a USB-A connection using the Mac OSX operating system.
  • Full keyboard with a chiclet design.
  • 12 functions make it easy to use your Mac.
  • Frequently used functions can be accessed with 1 keystroke.
  • Scissor mechanism offers a silent typing experience.
  • Numeric keypad is prepared for frequent number entries.
  • Durable lettering offers long-lasting durability without fading.
  • Built-in metal plate keeps the keyboard stable as you type.
  • Adjustable design utilizes rubber feet to create a steeper angle while you type.
  • Compact design leaves extra space on your desk.
  • Backed by the manufacturer’s 2-year limited warranty.
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