Google™ Chromecast HD Wireless Media Streaming Device



    Gain access to your favorites shows and movies with the Google Chromecast HD Wireless Media Streaming Device. This Chromecast streaming device displays every TV show and movie from your selected services on your home screen for your convenience, and it's capable of making suggestions based on what you watch. Chromecast with Google TV has a resolution output of 1080p with HDR technology to deliver improved visual quality.

    • Home screen displays movies and TV shows from every service you have downloaded.
    • Personalized suggestions based on your subscriptions, viewing habits and owned content.
    • 1080p resolution and HDR technology deliver crisp visuals.
    • Voice activated Google Assistant technology lets you use your voice for searching.
    • Plugs into the HDMI™ port and connects via Wi-Fi or Ethernet for ease-of-use.
    • Built-in parental controls offer safe use.
    • Individual profile creation.