Mind Reader Office Chair Mat for Carpet PVC, 0.125” H x 35-1/2" W x 47-1/2” D, Clear, Set Of 2 Mats



    Experience smooth mobility and enhanced comfort at your workspace with our PVC office mat. Designed specifically for use on low pile carpeting, this mat features molded cleats on the underside to secure it in place, preventing slips and shifts as you move. Constructed from flexible, durable PVC, this office mat offers superior resistance to tearing and breaking, outlasting thinner, less resilient mats. It stands up to daily wear and tear, saving you the hassle and expense of frequent replacements.

    • Stability and grip: The non-skid surface of this plastic mat ensures that your chair stays in place, allowing you to twist, slide, and turn; molded cleats on the underside secure it in place, preventing slips and shifts as you move
    • Carpet protection: Made from strong and durable polypropylene, this floor mat provides a protective layer that prevents damage to low pile carpets, keeping them in excellent condition
    • Safe and versatile material: Crafted from polypropylene, a thermoplastic and flexible polymer commonly used in household items, this mat is safe for use and suitable for various applications
    • Enhanced comfort: Spending long hours at a desk can lead to discomfort and pain. This floor mat allows for easy movement, helping you find a comfortable position and reducing strain on your back and neck
    • Generous dimensions: Designed to accommodate your favorite computer chair, this PVC mat measures 47.5 inches long x 35.5 inches wide x 0.1 inch tall (121.9 x 91.1 centimeters), providing ample coverage for your workspace