Mr. Clean® Home Pro Liquid All-Purpose Cleaner, Febreze® Meadows And Rain Scent, 128 Oz Bottle



    Mr. Clean Pro Liquid all-purpose cleaner will help you keep a variety of inside and outside surfaces looking sparkling clean. The cleaner has a Febreeze Meadows and Rain Scent and comes in a 128 oz bottle.

    • Multi-surface cleaner is great for scrubbing hard surfaces inside and outside of your home.
    • linoleum, tile, toilets and bathtubs, as well as exterior siding, garbage cans, doors and more.
    • Powerful formula cuts through grease, grime and odors to leave your home sparkling clean.
    • Made without chlorine, bleach or ammonia for a strong cleaning without harsh chemicals.
    • Home Pro all-purpose cleaner has a Febreze Meadows and Rain scent to deliver a delightful fragrance.