Pentel® ErgoTwist™ Retractable Ballpoint Pen, 1.0 mm, Medium Point, Black Barrel, Black Ink



    Adjustable grip twists to create a personalized fit

    • Pliable barrel allows best ergonomic support.For the ultimate personalized fit, just twist the cushioned barrel left or right until it's most comfortable for you.
    • 1.0 mm medium point for strong, sure strokes.Retractable pens come with 1.0 mm points for clear, noticeable medium-sized lines.
    • Ultra-soft double-injection molding a pleasure to grip.Treat yourself to exceptionally soft grip material offering minimum resistance — meaning maximum comfort to you.
    • Button design easy is on your thumb.The wide, flat click-top button is actually designed to accommodate the human thumb — a breakthrough in comfort!
    • Refillable for continued use.