Logitech® Group Mini-DIN Data Transfer Cable, 49.21', Black



    • Single-cable, conduit-routable design - Achieve a super-clean conference room installation by routing this single-cable solution through a conduit (fits standard conduits).
    • Designed and engineered by Logitech - As the cable is created specifically for Logitech GROUP by Logitech, there's no need to test and procure a third-party solution.
    • Plenum-rated - Allows cable to be routed through plenum spaces (including drop ceiling) where special cables are required.
    • 15-m (49.2-ft) cable length - The expansion cable triples the distance from 5 to 15 metres (49.2') between the Logitech GROUP hub and the camera or speakerphone, making it ideal for the largest conference rooms.
    • Have the right tools in place to prepare your workforce to work from anywhere.