Mind Reader Woodland Collection Portable Laptop Desk with Folding Legs, 10-1/2" H x 13-3/4" W x 24-1/4" L, Blue



    Adjustable Lap Desk: Comfort & Convenience for Work or Dining Experience the ease of an adjustable lap desk, designed to balance your breakfast, work, or leisure activities with maximum comfort. Gone are the days of struggling with awkward and unstable lap desks. The Mind Reader lap desk offers a versatile, multi-functional solution for working or dining in bed, on the couch, or even on the floor. With its adjustable design, this durable lap desk provides a range of comfortable positions to suit your needs.

    • Adjustable Height: Easily unfold the legs to elevate the desk for a comfortable working height or fold them back for a flat surface
    • Effortless Storage: Fold the legs underneath for a flat design that can be easily stored in closets, under the bed, or beside furniture
    • Versatile Surface: Ideal for various activities, including laptop use, drawing, reading, note-taking, knitting, and other crafts
    • Secure & Protective: Rubberized cushioning on the stainless steel legs prevents slipping or sliding and protects surfaces from scratches during use
    • Compact Dimensions: Measures 23.5 long x 13.75 wide x 10.5 inches tall (59.69 x 34.93 x 26.67 cm) with legs extended