Plugable - USB extension cable - USB (F) to USB (M) - USB 2.0 - 33 ft - active



    Connect USB printers, displays, USB display adapters, keyboards/mice, etc from across the room with this 10-meter/32-foot USB 2.0 active extension cable. This cable's bus-powered single port hub and premium shielding enable it to have double the length of a standard USB cable. No drivers required on any OS (functions as a one-port USB hub using built-in drivers). Works at full performance with devices such as printers, storage devices, DisplayLink USB displays, keyboards, mice, and most miscellaneous USB devices. Devices with precise timing requirements such as USB video capture devices (webcams, analog video capture, surveillance cameras, etc) or devices using isoch transfers are not recommended. Bus powered devices which require USB 2.0's full 500mA per port (such as some USB wireless adapters and bus-powered hard drives) may require a powered hub between cable and device, because the cable itself consumes approx 66mA out of 500mA, sharing the remainder with the attached device. Not recommended for devices with high power consumption requirements. Not recommended for home theater appliances such as TVs, receivers, Blu-ray players, etc.
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    • Reliable Usb 2.0 Transfer Speeds - Cable provides reliable USB 2.0 transfer speeds with standard USB Type-A male to Type-A female connectors
    • Compatibility Guarantee - Windows, Mac, Linux, and game consoles. Connect remote USB printers, scanners, keyboard and mouse, etc.
    • Premium Quality - Cable contains an active repeater and premium shielding help ensure efficient data transfer and reduce potential interference
    • 10 Meter (32 Foot) Usb 2.0 Extension - Extend your computing power with our 10m (32ft) USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable