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Nestlé® Coffee-mate® Liquid Creamer, French Vanilla Flavor, 50.72 Oz Multiple Serve x 1



    Whether you're hosting a big evening event, an important conference or running a VIP breakfast buffet, offer your guests café-style coffee on a budget with this deliciously rich and extremely convenient Coffee-mate flavored liquid creamer.

    • Creamer pump bottle with an easy-to-use spigot makes dispensing creamer easy and clean.
    • Simply pump once to dispense a single serving of creamer, it's that simple!
    • Liquid creamer is easy to stir in, leaving no lumps or residue.
    • Pump is non-removable once installed in line with food safety guidelines.
    • No need to refrigerate, bottle is good for 30 days once opened.
    • With 300 servings per bottle, this creamer is ideal for busy establishments or special events.
    • Lactose-free, gluten-free and kosher, ideal for guests on restricted diets.
    • Bring some Continental flair to your guests' coffee cups with this French Vanilla flavor creamer.
    • Multiple serve 50.72 Oz pump dispenser bottle.
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